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Thank you for taking the time to read the Woodford Aerodrome Design Enquiry Blog.

This blog will be updated daily to summarise the activities and outcomes of the week-long Design Enquiry for Woodford Aerodrome.  This is your way of staying in touch with the evolving work and ideas throughout the week.  Before the Design Enquiry gets going on Monday 13th, we wanted to provide some basic information to help people understand what is going on.  Please visit this site again through the week to hear more about the Design Enquiry…

So what is the Design Enquiry all about?  Basically this is a chance for selected local people and interest groups to get involved in a series of hands-on workshops, which focus on the future of Woodford Aerodrome.  This is not about drawing up a definitive plan for the site; rather the workshops will explore the key issues and principles.  Throughout the week workshops will build up a picture of the site and the various constraints and opportunities it presents.

Who is running the Design Enquiry?  The Design Enquiry has been organised and funded by Stockport Council and Cheshire East Council who are working to develop planning documents embracing the site. The event will be facilitated by Taylor Young, an independent national urban design consultancy based locally.  Taylor Young will organise and manage the workshop and prepare a report once the week is over.  This report will help all participants learn from their experience and explain what went on.

Is this Design Enquiry related to the recent public consultation?  The recent public consultation event was organised by the landowners BAE Systems and their masterplanners Cass Associates.  Stockport Council and Cheshire East Council are working closely with the landowners and were involved in the run up to this consultation.  The Design Enquiry provides another open-ended forum for local people and stakeholder to have their say on the site and this is a Council rather than landowner initiative.  It will consider the feedback from the public exhibition and will take forward the ideas raised here for the site.

Will there be more public consultation in the future?  Yes there will be more consultation in due course as the planning agenda for the site moves forward.  This will include further consultation via Stockport Council and Cheshire East Council, as they prepare planning documents for the site.  It will also include more detailed consultation via the landowner and their design team as the masterplan for the site takes shape.

What is the outcome from the Design Enquiry? The intention is to develop a comprehensive list of issues, constraints and opportunities, along with development principles and options for the site.  It is important to remember that nothing will be decided or agreed within the workshops.  The workshop outcomes will be written up and presented through a report and public meeting later in June.  The outcomes of the Design Enquiry will feed into planning documents for the site and wider areas.

Workshop Outline

OK, so here we go… a week of no doubt engaging debate and discussion!  The team at Taylor Young are excited to part of this process and as independent facilitators all views will be welcomed.  Keep an eye on this Blog for further information thorough the week.

Taylor Young

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